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Do you need an experienced camera crew for a shoot in Canada? Canada Crews specializes in providing good, reliable television crews in cities all over Canada.

Canada Crews works with top professionals across Canada

We can provide you with first-rate crews anywhere in the country. Perhaps you need a two-person Sony FS7, F55 or XDCAM F800 crew for a day? Or maybe you have a more involved two-week shoot on a documentary, tv commercial, sports show or corporate video?

Perhaps you need a complete outfit with crew? No problem. At a moment’s notice, through its large database of talented shooters, sound personnel, and freelance producers, Canada Crews can book a crew for you.

Contact us and we will match you with the right people.

Our crews have many formats, including the Sony XDCAM F800, PXW-FS7 or F55.

Sonia Lowe

An established and internationally published author, a magazine publisher and multimedia designer, Sonia’s recent focus has been on creating and branding through mainstream television media. Sonia has recently worked with major American programs like Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey show and Dateline NBC, coordinating promotional scheduling and creating promotional content. Sonia’s repertoire also includes developing promo and entertainment content for Slice, HGTV, USA Network, NBC(Universal) and other North American networks.

"Canada Crews is terrific! We shot 2 days with 2 HD cameras at the Toronto International Film Festival and everything looked and sounded great. Nice lighting, timely crew, a real pleasure to work with."

Michelle Mesenbrink
HDNet Producer


Canada Crews' many satsified clients include those from a wide variety industries and countries. Check out these testimonials...

"Canada Crews is always my choice when I need an efficient cameraman who can provide creative lighting and top quality images. Who wouldn't want these skills in a cameraman?"
James Warrack,
Independent Producer

"The shoot went off without a hitch. We wanted to thank you for arranging a most professional crew. They were delightful."
Holmes Biopharme

"Canada Crews provides production crews whose quality is always top notch. Great camera work and lighting, efficient crews and the latest gear. Canada Crews consistantly delivers excellent results."
David Deskin,
Adage Media